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The autumn wind is blowing arbitrarily, and the leaves are golden. In the hoarse autumn wind, my ear seems to sound another voice: "Little girl, you see, the wind is so big, like to blow up all our troubles. L is in the autumn of the wind blowing In my world, L is a "bad girl." Forgive me for saying my friend. But this is the only sentence that can accurately evaluate her. To be honest, I don't really like this black girl because she is too Too much publicity. My mother said, ��Things are gathered together, people are divided into groups.�� It is impossible for a child to be friends with a bad child. However, at least L is very good to me, really good, she will be when I am not happy, Let me temper her, but I still smile; she will make me cry when she is sad, then lick my hair, smile and say: "You are really a distressed girl. . "And I, desperately ask for care from L, but I have never given her warmth, even if it is only a little bit. I am willing to think that I don't like L, so there is no need to give her warmth, and she is willing to do so." Pamper me. You see, I am so capricious. Is it my self-willedness, so God wants to punish me and let L leave? I thought that L is hurting me and will always hurt me. So, Even if I did too much, she would still be by my side, it would hurt me like that. But when the facts once again overthrew my self-righteousness, I realized profoundly that "I was wrong. I am really wrong. "Contradictions must always be resolved after sharpness. Happiness always knows how to cherish after sighing. Tears are always filled with warmth after falling. This is the person who will only regret." After L left, I always wrote this passage over and over again, until I even forgot how many times it was. But why does it blur my vision every time? L, the first time I found out, you are also a smart girl! Yes, I regret it, I really regret it! But God is no longer willing to give me a chance, what should I do? This is a passage that tells me when L leaves Marlboro Gold. Until now, I still clearly remember that she choked and told me. I also remember that I looked at the back of her as she drifted away. I shouted loudly at the back of her departure: "I won't miss you, I will forget you, hear no!" is the thorn in my heart. The feeling of pain. But L, why do I think about you so much now, at the time, I just wanted to let you stay, and it��s a painful thing to grow up and express yourself. It makes me know what��s wrong, but I don��t correct it. Opportunity L, you know? Once a self-willed little girl has grown up, I am trying to learn to cherish all the people who love me like you. (2) Once again, I saw L in the bookstore. The midsummer evening was so hot that it made people feel a little breathless. I sat in the corner of the bookstore and looked at Xiaosi��s "The Summer Solstice is not yet". Someone next to "F?" tentatively called my name. I looked up and a familiar and strange face came into my eyes. I groaned, I don't know what to say. "What, don't you recognize me?" L smiled and sat across from me. The death phase is still the wickedness of the past. I rubbed my eyes hard, not an illusion. "L?" I whispered, but the voice did not consciously change, and it was hard to hear. What's wrong with me? God knows! I miss her a lot, but why did she meet her now, but if she is full of stomach, she can��t say anything else? "F, are you not angry with me?" L finally put down her attitude of chewing and smiling, and whispered, "No, no..." Damn, why is the nose so sour, how can I be angry with you? I am living with my own anger. When can I not be so weak? I hope that when I see you, I can point your nose to you and have no conscience, then look at your indifferent smile and laugh, like in a dream. However, I can't do it, I am afraid that I have a mouth, tears will drop down "F, you don't want to." L sighed, said helplessly. "L!" I took a deep breath and said, "I want to know why?" I tried to make myself clear. I haven't said anything for a long time, after leaving L. "Because my parents, they don't want me." L's voice is still small, but so calm Cheap Cigarettes. The song in the bookstore suddenly became Jay's "Back to the Past", which was once my favorite song. I remember a long time ago, L always pulled off my ear line, and smirked and said: "You like it, I sing it to you." The result is sing every time, causing me to laugh and feel sore. I sang gently with the melody and wanted to go back to the past, let the unfinished story continue..." This time she didn't even tune me to listen to L singing quietly Marlboro Lights. For a long time, I looked up and asked her: "L, we really I can't go back, L licked my hair and said with red eyes: "Stupid girl!" "L!" I looked at L's eyes seriously and said, "We want to be good." "Good. L. buried his head in his arms and answered me with a sullen voice. She is crying, I know that even if I can't go back to the past, I have to be good.
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