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It's simple and powerful.

The philosophy of successful people is often easy to understand.

The more I look at how successful people got that way Stephen Curry Youth Jersey , the more I realize how straightforward they think.

For example, consider these comments from Mark Cuban, billionaire, mercurial owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and star of the reality TV series "The Benefactor."

When asked the key to recognizing opportunity, he sites doing one's homework as the most important factor.

"The hard part is doing the homework to know if the idea could work in an industry," he says. "Then doing the preparation to be able to execute on the idea."

He admits that he does not have original ideas. He combines existing ideas in unique ways that no one else is doing. Of course Klay Thompson Youth Jersey , he knows no one else is doing it because he has thoroughly studied his industry.

He says that the characteristics of an entrepreneur are willingness to learn, focus, ability to absorb information, and no illusions about competitors' desire to overtake you.

Cuban says that when he set the goal to retire at 35, he studied everything he could find about business and the industries that interested him. He actually considered any job as a paid opportunity to learn more about a business.

He advises entrepreneurs to learn as much about their businesses as possible and never take shortcuts. Over and over again, he emphasizes homework, superior knowledge Draymond Green Womens Jersey , the drive to learn, and the need to get to work.

Nothing complicated in this philosophy, is there?

Anyone could adopt his ideas and do well at anything.

Regardless of your dream, if you do your homework, you greatly enhance your odds of success.

Do yourself a favor. Do your homework.

It's simple and insures success.

And you can be your own benefactor.

Copyright 2004 by Tony Papajohn. Tony writes and speaks on success. Subscribe to his free SuccessMotivator e-zine at . Summer Vacationing in Montenegro

Montenegro literally translates to Black Mountain and it is located along the Adriatic Sea much like Croatia. Located in the Southeast of Europe, Montenegro is a hidden gem that often goes overlooked or overshadowed by Croatia and larger nations as a vacation spot. However, I find that works in ones favor as there are not floods of people visiting there on a daily basis. This gives one easier access to all that Montenegro has to offer Nick Young Womens Jersey , and trust me, there is a lot.

Montenegro often goes overlooked as I mentioned before, however, some of the structures and sights here are just as astounding as say, those in Greece. With a breathtaking coastline and beautiful cliffsides it is actually quite reminiscent of Greece鈥攁fter all, it is in the Mediterranean. There are many towns here to see and much to do, so let鈥檚 begin by perusing the different towns and sights you simply cannot miss. Visit Tripedia for more information!

Discover Kotor

Kotor is a smallish town located on the Adriatic coast. It is technically located in a bay positioned near the limestone cliffs of Mount Lov膰en. It features many a winding road and a plethora of squares with quaint little stores and out of this world restaurants. Perhaps the neatest fact about this town is that it sticks true to its original medieval roots鈥攁t least the architecture Kevin Durant Womens Jersey , building and city style.

If you find yourself in Kotor, Montenegro, there are a number of attractions you should make sure to pencil in on your itinerary. One of the first things you should do is pay a visit to Lov膰en. This large mountain is not just a picturesque wonderland, but a possible adventure depending on what you are into. For example, you could go mountain climbing, hiking, and a historic mausoleum.

Discover Podgorica

If you were wondering what the capital of Montenegro was Stephen Curry Womens Jersey , you have officially found it. Podgorica is the official capital city of Montenegro. Not to sound like a broken record, but much like the rest of the Mediterranean, there is a lot of awesome architecture to see here that is just absolutely astounding. Not only will you experience outstanding history, culture, and architecture, but you can also pay a visit to the endless beaches in Podgorica. This is the perfect spot for a summer vacation.

Take your time in this town and make sure you see all it has to offer. Although this is the capital city of Montenegro, it is often overlooked and unvisited as I mentioned earlier. However Klay Thompson Womens Jersey , it definitely features many different sites to visit for a breathtaking view and history lesson. Visit Lake Skadar, a massive lake featuring islands and beautiful native animals. Visit the historic monastery and site of pilgrimage called the Ostrog Monastery. The Tara River Canyon is also worth a visit. Especially if you enjoy the water. Enjoy rafting, tubing, kayaking, and the unbelievable canyon itself.

Discover Montenegro

While Montenegro is a lesser known country, it is worth so much more when it comes to attention. Not only do they have their fair share of history, culture Draymond Green Jersey , and beauty, they have a lot to offer tourists. Whether you want to soak up some sun at the beach or shop around and eat good food, Montenegro is a hot spot to visit.

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