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It has no effects on buying, owning or carrying switchblades. Such is left to the states. The majority of states allow legal ownership of switchblades, but a few do not. Many have prohibitions on the sale of them, and most have laws against carrying them concealed. But some states such as Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas have no restrictions on them.

Balisongs (butterfly knives) and switchblades are illegal because they can be opened faster

False. A non-folding knife is Newport Cigarettes Coupons always "open" and therefore is technically "faster" than any butterfly knife or switchblade. The reasons for the laws about these knives are almost entirely political and emotional in nature. Also, as a general rule, most one-handed folding knives, such as those that use thumb-studs, are still faster to open than a balisong. Simple mechanics:

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