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ues ??will make you look more sunny and more attractive. Tolerate this thing? Not without choice. It is fundamental. If you don't violate the principle, you can go to tolerance. The principle of the child is a very important thing. A person without principles is the most failed life. I believe that you will be a principled person. do you think so? Tolerate others, but be strict with yourself. I don't care whether you are a noble or a peasant in the future. I hope that you are a person who is lenient and self-disciplined. This is not to ask you to be an example, but to be a person. Finally, I think if you see this thing written for the father in a few decades, there must be doubt: why did you write this thing so early? Dear, I am afraid that as time goes on, I don't have time or I am lazy or I have no courage. I am willing to take pictures of what I think is good thoughts and behavior when I am young. I hope that you will have a look when you have time. I hope that these written things will be useful to you. If I write these things, it is too boring and takes up valuable time. I am deeply sorry for the children. You know that the only wish of this bad old man is to be a lazy. Child, this is a decision that I thought took a long time to start. I want to write my thoughts on my approach, the reasons and reasons for the difficult decisions I made. I hope it will be useful to you after a few decades. Children, no matter what happens in your life Newport Cigarettes. Remember: I love you. Of course, your mother is my favorite. Don't marry your mother, because only she can accompany me to my end. Child, I know, can't see your life's journey Cheap Cigarettes. Perhaps the glory may be mediocre or even too rough. But baby, can you insist, right? Certainly. Therefore, please face the world with a smile. Although the world does not necessarily face your child, I hope that you are an idealist from beginning to end. You can be a farmer, an engineer, an actor, a tramp, but you must be an idealist. When you are a child, we tell you the story of a hero. It is not that you must be a hero, but that you want to have a pure character. When you are a teenager, we let you touch poetry, painting, and music to fill your mind. Full of noble taste. These noble tastes will support your life, so that you will not forget the fragrance of roses in the harshest winter. The ideal will make people outstanding, and don't worry about their appearance. Ideal to purify your temperament, and the most beautiful woman will be annoying because of vulgarity. The road to ideals is often unsatisfactory, and you will suffer from it. However, the child, despite your struggle, the idealist's ending is tragic and unbearable Marlboro Red. In the seemingly bumpy life, you will meet many wise men and gentlemen, and you will see many landscapes and miracles that no one else can meet. Although it is safe to choose mediocrity, it has no color. Don't give up your dreams for the small profits, don't give up your beliefs for a certain trend. The appearance of the material world is too complicated, and you need to know how to reject the temptation of vanity. Ideal is not an affordable thing, it often can not bring you the enjoyment of the world Marlboro Gold. Therefore, you must be accustomed to no one to appreciate you, learn spiritual enjoyment, and learn to be different from others. Secondly, child, I hope that you are a practical person. Life is too short, and there are too many imaginary things, you are very easy to dazzle, and ultimately nothing can be done. If you are a beautiful girl, there will be many males who will pamper you when you are young. The things you get are too easy, which will make you feel shallow and vain. If you are a very smart boy, you will think that you can It is a sneak peek to accomplish many great things. Everyone has limited ability. We live in the world and do a good job. Write a book and be a housewife. Don't underestimate ordinary people, don't opportunistically, don't attack things you can't do. When you grow up, you will know that it is too difficult to do one thing Parliament Cigarettes, but never give up. You have to know and cherish your feelings. Regardless of men and women, regardless of the inner wall of the wall, it is not easy to meet. There are misunderstandings and frictions in the process of making friends, but if you think about it, how many people can you do with the big world? You must understand that friends will eventually leave, someone in your life can accompany you, listen to you, talk to you, you should be grateful to love yourself and love others, to understand yourself and to understand others. Your heart should be as soft as a stream, and your eyes should be as charming as spring. You will cry, you will sit alone in the dark and listen to the sad music. You have to appreciate the tragedy, the tragedy can be rich
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