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The whole life, the fist hit the wall, the pain that came to my mind, the real existence, at that moment, I was like a crazy person, using pain to stimulate my body, stimulating my nerves, pain, is The best medicine can make people realize that the current environment has heard such a sentence, I like pain, because it makes me know that I am still alive. Yes, when you know the pain, that is, we are still alive, alive, and it is a kind of pain. In the dialogue of Ting last night, I saw it in love. We also need to understand in love. "If you meet me, do you really regret it?" "No regrets, no regrets now, no regrets in the future", " You, fool Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online, do you regret it?", "I will not regret it, meeting you, is the greatest gift of God to me. The first gift is the life that my parents have given me. The second gift is in the sea." I met you and promised me to live in my life. I always feel that God is not thin to me. I also gave me gifts when I was suffering. The people I met were lucky. In the emotions, I also had some relief. It��s not a shackle. You shouldn��t change your original intention because of love. I am a selfish person, can do something for love, or do nothing for myself. Love is always looking for another person in the vast sea of ??people Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. The process of people and her life, but many people do not have this courage and the sunshine outside the window is very bright, the spring of March has already fallen brightly, I thought I saw it on her book. In a word, there must be a distant Dreams and the simplest life, even if the front is freezing cold, the road is far away. And this morning I have been chanting this sentence, I feel that this is the most direct life, no matter where we are, The "far-distance" expectation and the near life will never conflict. Life, in the plain, also has its most special beautiful nascent sun. It is softly shining on the people walking on a daily basis, but life is already another Some scenery, today and yesterday, yesterday and the future, are such illusory ambiguity, a person's life is only one day Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Yesterday can't stay, come to the sun can't think, when it arrives Marlboro Wholesale Price, it will always arrive, and last night The pain of the fists has long since disappeared. Intangible history Tiesheng said that every person comes with a certain kind of disability. After all, he needs to spend this life with him. He said that it should be the limit that we were born with, that is, we cannot Broken cage, we are in the cage, seeking the light outside. This cage has always existed, we all imagine the vastness outside, and the vastness is the broadness of spirit and eternity. I really like Mr. Shi Tiesheng's article. I like the eternal consciousness of the great spirit that is contained in it. It is only slowly discovered Cigarette Cartons Wholesale. The spirit, although it is a manifestation of one's inner, but finally there is no trace between innocence, only Through the self-sense, the exploration of the essence, and this is just a question of the game itself and the outside world, what is the connection? Is it a kind of attraction that the naked eye sees? Or is it from the needs of a body itself? I have thought that if a person has no need for external objects, then his spirit is reflected in somewhere? We are alive, need to eat, what to see, need to have light, what to hear, and also need to have media, this is The so-called restriction, life, most of the time is just running for this, the embodiment of the spirit, but also the degree of self-awareness of the view of such objects in the course of life. I admit, I have ambitions for foreign objects, even I know clearly that everything is going to disappear in the ocean of time, but I am still alive, living itself is Kind of demand Ting said, I just want to love yourself better. Yes, everything we do is to love ourselves better. Anne Baby said that you just love yourself too much, and you are reluctant to let yourself suffer a little bit of damage. We all just love ourselves. In any case, there is always nothing wrong with it. But what kind of way to love yourself? This is a problem. First, you can change the rich material by doing things that you don't like, and then love yourself by material, but you don't like yourself if you don't like it. Second, do what you want to do and like, even if there is no rich material in return, this is love for yourself, but if there is no rich material support, then it is another kind of love for oneself. Third, you can get the material you like, and this is the most ideal state. Between the two, how can we find a balance? I have not seen this balance. There is nothing wrong with loving ourselves. But what kind of way should we adopt? In order to let the physical us and the spiritual us not be Being disappointed?

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