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I like Oprah with the best of them but Im sorely disappointed in her interpretation of Zora Neale Hurstons classic novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. Im not sure if it was in interest of time Adam Thielen Hat , universal appeal or just a desire to focus on the love story of Tea Cake and Janie, but taking all of the racial elements out of the movie destroyed what is a beautiful love story and also made the movies narrative disjointed and rushed.

Hurstons story, outside of being a coming of age story about a young black woman in the deep-south, is very much a story about the intra-racial issues that plague the black community at that time and while it is a shame to say, today. Many of the characters in the novel are only a generation or two removed from slavery and with that the color hierarchy that was created doing slave times was very much still in play for Janie and the other characters in the novel.

In the novel Tea Cake is a dark skinned man, something you wouldnt know by choosing the very fair Stefon Diggs Hat , blue eyed Michael Ealy to play this character. It is important that Tea Cake is dark because that was as much of a scandal for her community as was Tea Cakes age. Tea Cake was the wrong kind of Negro for many reasons: he was poor, he was young and he was dark. The fair skinned, rich Ms. Janie shouldnt be seen with such a man. Also his skin color comes into play when they make their way to the Everglades and Janie befriends a woman who has a deep hatred for dark skinned Negroes and goes out of her way to set Janie up with her fair skinned, more socially acceptable brother.

Some of the best moments in the book stem from the tension between the different hues of black people and when you take that out youre left with a sweet but unoriginal love story, something Hurstons groundbreaking work is not.

I must say that I expect more from Ms. Winfrey. This is the same woman who bought us Beloved, a very had tale about the horrors of slavery and how it affects the psyche of those who were enslaved. Instead of bringing to screen the richness and diverseness of Their Eyes Were Watching God Dru Samia Hat , we get a watered down, socially acceptable version. I wanted more and I expected more and Im very disappointed that I didnt get it.

(C) 2005 Tamika Johnson

Tamika Johnson

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Of the many beautiful and spectacular places in the U.S. none can beat the Grand Canyon. Looking over that beautiful area, with its many shapes and colours takes one''s breath away, and has been named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. There are numerous vantage points to look at Alexander Mattison Hat , over the rim, but nothing beats Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours.

Anybody who knows the ''Grand Canyon Suite'' music can feel what the writer, of that song, saw when he wrote it. The clip clop of mules heading down the steep trail, to the bottom, is reflected in one section of that song. The noise of birds Irv Smith Jr. Hat , a small looking stream and little buildings on the canyon floor, are all brought to life in that music.

Different areas have been painted often by legendary artists, yet they have been unable to completely capture all the reds, yellows, oranges along with other colors which constantly change as the sun''s rays move across this outstanding piece of nature. Standing on the edge of a rim, it isn''t uncommon to see some of nature''s creatures that live there in harmony.

Evidence has been found that humans lived in Grand Canyon National Park over 10 Garrett Bradbury Hat ,500 years ago. In no less than 4,000 of those years it was populated by Indigenous Peoples. It was in 1540 that Europeans, men from Coronado''s gold-seeking expedition, first caught sight of it. Through the years, many trappers among others came through the region. History books are packed with names of the many individuals who explored and enjoyed this great work of nature.

In 1869, John Wesley Powell traveled the gorge with a boat expedition. During a second journey he named it the Grand Canyon. This was followed by pioneers searching for a location to mine copper in the 1880''s. This is when tourist lodges were constructed. To arrive at the location Danielle Hunter Hoodie , at that time, tourists had to hire a stagecoach.

With the construction of a railroad, to the Fourth Rim, in 1901 more travelers arrived to experience this beautiful spectacle. Given Federal protection, as a forest reserve, in 1893 Eric Kendricks Hoodie , the Grand Canyon attained national park status in 1919, one of the select first parks established by the new National Park Service. The El Tovar Hotel, which is still in existence today, was built in 1905.

The canyon was formed by the Colorado River, which runs through the floor of the canyon at roughly four miles per hours. Some individuals take a boat cruise through on the river or go by pontoon raft for an fascinating excursion. Riding down the narrow trail from the top of the rim to the floor is quite an experience but it''s also rather rough on one''s body.

The Grand Canyon is quite large, spanning numerous acres with exciting sights from all sides. To view the full area Trae Waynes Hoodie , a lot of people take a Grand Canyon helicopter Ride. This provides the chance for one to see the area from every possible angle, not missing anything. Some of these helicopters will even land on the chasm floor for a tasty lunch.
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