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There are so many great and unique decorating themes for any boy''s room. Be sure when deciding on a theme that it is something that can grow with him for the next several years. The following themes can easily by applied to the room of a two-year-old or a ten-year-old and every age in between. Any of these unique decorating ideas will help get you started on creating a fun and engaging dcor for any little boy''s room.

The Firehouse Bedroom

If your little boy is enamored with firefighters Cheap Clarence Weatherspoon Shirt , then a firehouse theme would be perfect for his room. Any number of firefighter wallpaper borders are available to hang on the walls. Or for those who can draw or paint, any number of firefighter scenes might grace the walls. Aside from fire truck bedding, there are plenty of other accessories you can add to the room to increase the fun, including a fireman''s hat Cheap Charles Barkley Shirt , a hose hanging on the wall, or a fireman''s pole. If you are feeling particularly brave, you might even give your boy a siren for his room.

The Bedroom from Outer Space

A great theme for any little boy''s room is outer space. You can easily find outer-space and star wallpaper borders and even star and planet decals. You might even look for spaceship or planet templates that you can trace and paint on the walls.

To really make the room look cool, paint the ceiling black and then use glow-in-the-dark paint to add stars and planets to the ceiling. Toss in a couple of Martian stuffed animals Cheap Wilt Chamberlain Shirt , and your little boy will be happily slumbering deep in outer space.

Pirate Themes for Bedrooms

If your little boy is partial to pirates, you can use movies such as Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean as a reference, depending on how old he is. You can start by painting the walls blue to represent the ocean. A pirate ship painted on one of the walls would be an awesome addition, or perhaps an island with an overflowing treasure chest on the shore. With accessories such as nets Cheap Maurice Cheeks Shirt , portholes, treasure boxes with booty, and a couple of pirate hats, your boy will be ready to hit the South Seas.

A Favorite Animal Theme

Does your little boy love monkeys? How about lizards? Try decorating his room using his favorite animals. There are so many variations on this theme Cheap Julius Erving Shirt , you can customize it to fit whatever your little boy favors. For instance, if your boy has a pet, you can always build the theme around that, complete with a special place for the pet to live. Remember Cheap Dana Barros Shirt , though, that if your boy is old enough, to take his interests into consideration the wild outdoors

The best way to find the perfect decorating theme for your little boy is to involve him in the process. Allow him to help choose what he wants in the room and help set it up.
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