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Moscow is number 7th largest city in the world in terms of population with more than 10 million inhabitants according to the statistics of 2010. Moscow welcomes hundreds of tourists who spend their vacations in Russia every year.
The city was the capital of the Russian Empire Walter Payton Authentic Jersey , only for 3 years, from 1728 till 1730. Moscow hosts the Kremlin, one of the World Heritage Sites and one of the most wonderful monuments often visited by travelers who tour Russia.
Today we would be exploring some of the interesting places in Moscow
The Kremlin
The Kremlin is in fact one of the most notable monuments of Moscow that is often explored by travelers who tour Russia. This huge complex was first established in the 12th century as a fortress to protect the town against foreign invasions. The complex was attacked by the Mongols in the 14th century. However, the Russians regained control of the palaces in the same century to become the seat of the government of Cesar of Russia. Today the complex consists of many several establishments and buildings that are worth a visit including the Virgin Mary Cathedral, the Weapons Museum Womens Riley Ridley Jersey , the Cathedral Arena, and the Diamond Fund Museum.
The Red Square

The Red Square of Moscow is one of the most marvelous places in the city that is often explored by hundreds of tourists spending their vacations in Russia. The square is famous for hosting the Kremlin, the Mausoleum of Lenin, and a popular historical commercial zone as well. This is where tourists may view some of the most interesting monuments of Moscow.
Although historians assert that its name, the Red Square Womens David Montgomery Jersey , has nothing to do with communism and that it was called after the color of the surrounding buildings, many scholars assert that it was partially due to communism that once flourished in the city and the whole nation.
The Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin
This establishment hosts the dead body of the Vladimir Lenin, the former Russian leader since his death in 1924. It has to be mentioned here that Lenin was mummified and he was never buried. His mausoleum is commonly visited by many locals and tourists who spend their vacations in Russia.
Lenin passed away on the 21st of January 1924. Aleksey Shchusev two days afterwards, began thinking of the design that would be hosting the dead body of such a prominent figure and he came up with this remarkable building that we view today. After his death, it is said that more 100 Womens Akiem Hicks Jersey ,000 Russians visited him. Today a large number of travelers who tour Russia also pay the mausoleum a visit.
The Garden of Alexander in Moscow
Considered as one of the very first national parks to be established in the Russian capital, the Garden of Alexander mainly consists of three different parks. Established around the beginning of the 19th century, the garden today hosts many remarkable sections and establishments. This is the main reason why many travelers who tour Russia visit the Garden of Alexander.
Among the most interesting places to visit within the Garden of Alexander in Moscow is the tomb of the unknown soldier that was established in 1947. The Upper Garden, as the Russians perfe to call it, is the largest among the other three and hosts some quite wonderful trees and flowers.
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